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    age 25 ,ICU nurse,dog,trip,movies, I wanna learn english
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    I'm Japanese and 29 years old. I'm studying English because my dream is working abroad. If someone were my friend, I'd be happy.
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    I am a budding entrepreneur, presently living in Delhi, India. I am very enthusiastic about learning new languages for my personal growth.
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    Hello. I’m working as a nurse. I’m going to the UK to study in master degree. I need to keep my English skills. That’s why I applied to here. I like seeing new people and talking with them. I can’t wait to see you!!
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    Hello, how're you doing? I'm Roberta, from Brazil. Practicing my English is one of my goals for this year, as it is still basic and I have difficulties to understand what is said and to speak. Feel free to send me a message if you want to practice English with me. The Portuguese language is my native language, so if you want to practice Portuguese too, I can help you with that.
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