What is the topic of Language Exchange? What kind of service is it?


My name is Ryosuke, and I run Language Exchange!

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the latest addition to Language Exchange, Topics.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the latest feature added to RuneX, Topics. I'd be happy if you could learn how we developed Topics, our mission, and what kind of service it is!

I'll also write about how to play with topics and the benefits of joining topics, so please read on if you're interested.

Topics is a question board.

The function of the topics in Lan-Ek is simply a bulletin board for your problems and questions.

Specifically, foreign language learners from all over the world can ask and answer questions to native speakers or users with knowledge of their native language about things around the world.

For example, 'Who is a famous Japanese novelist? or "What was the most surprising culture shock you experienced while living abroad? or anything related to your personal life?

Or you can ask something about your personal life, such as "Should I not use the word 'you know' a lot in English? or "How did you get your visa if you immigrated to the U.S.? You can also ask questions about immigration or language learning.

You can also ask questions about immigration or language learning.

If you answer a topic, you will be noticed by everyone!

When you ask or answer a question on a topic, it will reach a number of users registered in Lan-Ek.

If you post a question or answer on a topic, it will reach a large number of users registered on RuneX. So, feel free to post interesting questions, interesting answers, and educational answers.

You can even promote your profile, your answer minutes, your social network or blog posts!

Right now, the Runeks development team is also working on a feature that will add a Good button to higher-quality answers and notify users by sending an email, so please join us!

Ask a question on a topic and get the answer you are looking for!

We are always looking for good quality questions on our service. So if you have a question that you want to know or are unsure about, don't worry if you don't get an answer.

For questions that don't get answered naturally, we'll invite an expert, inside the Runeks administration, to answer your question!

We invite you to join the topics!

This concludes the explanation on the topic.

If you are at all interested in them, please join and play with them ^^!

For more information on how to use topics, please refer to the following article.

If you want to learn more about how to use topics, please check out the following article.