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Hi! I'm Ryo from Language Exchange.

Have you ever wanted to chat, call, or hangout with a native speaker friend to learn a foreign language?

In the past, when I wanted to learn a foreign language, I had a lot of trouble because the only way was to go to a language school or learn vocabulary at home.

In my head, I knew that the most efficient way to learn a foreign language would be to chat directly with native speakers and hang out with them.

And I thought, "How can I make foreign friends while I'm in My houce ?.

In the end, it was the same in my study abroad and travel destinations, and I was troubled that I didn't know how to find foreign friends even when I lived in a foreign country.

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With Language Exchange, you can make friends with native speakers.

That's when I came up with the idea of Language Exchange.

At the time, I knew people around me who were using meetups to spread the word about new exchanges.

What I wanted was a website that would allow people to connect more directly via chat or phone, and to interact and find friends on the Internet.

Language Exchange is a platform where users who want to learn a foreign language can connect with each other.

At first, you can chat on the website, make phone calls, and search for users who are learning a foreign language. With a meetup, you don't know who's going to be there beforehand, or you have to go out of your way.

With Language Exchange, you can check the profile of the user online from the web, and you can also see where the user lives, which is very convenient.

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Language Exchange allows you to search for users by their location

See the image above.

This is a list of places where users have specified in their profile settings.

You can find users who live in Tokyo, the largest city in the world.

We have chosen to allow users to set their own location, rather than having them choose from a list of predetermined city names.

Rather than having the users choose from a list of predetermined town names, we decided to allow them to set their own location.

Our intention was to allow users to choose their own place of residence, rather than having them choose from a list of predetermined towns, because even if you set "Tokyo" for example, Tokyo is a large city, and if you live far away from each other, you may find it difficult to meet each other.

Especially in a country like the U.S. with such a large land area, even within the same state, there can be a tremendous distance.

We at Language Exchange also have a mission to 'connect native users who are geographically close to each other.

Therefore, although it is difficult to see the images in the list, we will continue to develop the search function to make it possible for native users who are geographically close to each other to connect.

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Let's exchange languages in real-time chat.

Language Exchange has a real-time chat function.

It allows users to chat with each other.

You can introduce yourself to each other, ask questions about learning a foreign language, and discuss interesting facts about each other's country.

Discuss interesting truths about each other's countries!

Chat notifications will also be sent to your registered email address, so you will never miss a reply.

Unlike smartphone apps, you don't need to get extra notifications or download apps to overwhelm your space.

You can use it on your phone, computer, or anywhere else.

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Let's talk about common topics with the Topics function.

A recently released feature has opened up a message board & question forum called Topics.

This is where you can ask questions about each other's countries, or open topics like "Do you have any recommended US dramas? You can also answer questions posted by users.

You can answer questions posted by users and share your knowledge, expertise, and foreign language skills with them!

Topics can also be rated as like or unlike, and popular posts and discussions will be emailed to many users as a notification.

Let's create common ground with cool topics and have some fun!

Just create a profile for free and wait for your friends to send you messages.

We, Language Exchange, are constantly attracting new users through active advertising and word-of-mouth.

We believe that somewhere in the world, there are still native speakers of foreign languages who are looking for an easy way to find new friends and connections.

With the goal of "making the world borderless," Language Exchange aims to bring native users to the platform and make it more active.

Please register on our platform and wait for us. There is no need to worry about your personal information or your privacy being violated.

Don't worry, you can use all the features completely free of charge.

Of course you can use Language Exchange on your smartphone!

All you have to do is enter your username, country of origin, interests, languages you are learning, and your location, and the best users will find you and send you messages.

Finally, the Language Exchange can also be used on smartphones by accessing it.

The screen looks great whether you are accessing the site from a computer, iPad, or Android smartphone.

You can use it from any device.

If you think this service sounds interesting, please register from the new registration page!

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