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    Hina 🌎

    yu-ka 🇯🇵
    Hi! I'm a Uni Student and i am looking for language exchange Friend. Some one around Shizuoka City ?

    Jakkie 🌎
    I am from China.And I have some experience of studying and working at Japan. So I am influence in Japanese as well.Currently I want to improve my English level, so please let know if you are interested

    SHIO 🇯🇵
    Hello, I’m Shio! I have been to United States for a half year to study abroad. I like intercultural interaction, so I want to make friends:) よろしくお願いします!

    Sakura 🇯🇵
    I'm a 18 year-old high school student in Japan! I've been learning English for almost 5 years now but it still needs help...

    Shahzad Ali 🇮🇳
    My self Shahzad Ali and I lived in Delhi I'm 20 year old and my hobby's are playing cricket and reading books that's it.

    Asayu Takeuchi 🌎

    Christina Aprilia 🌎
    Hi I'm Tina. I am pursuing my bachelor's degree from Universitas Pertamina and studying Chemistry. I'd like to have friends from abroad who can share and talking in some of topics with me. During the pandemic, I wanna improve my english by have a chill conversation with anybody. As a final year student, I intend to continue my study to master degree or preparing job career. The fields that interested to me are energy, materials, and environmental issues. I'm pleased to have you talk any topics withe me, so don't shy!

    Nady Ram 🌎