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    Jake 🌎
    Hey guys, i'm a huge language nerd who's just started learning Mandarin. I speak Russian and English fluently, and the funny thing is that i kind of know English better in terms of grammar. What i believe in is that language is a tool and the main goal in learning a foreign language is to be able to communicate and share experience. So this is why i am here. To talk. Listen. And share experience.

    jiani 🌎

    Remi 🇯🇵
    I’m Japanese, 23 years old, seeking someone to exchange language of Japanese- English .I study English for an exam and can help about japanese language, culture ...My English level is 6.0 in IELTS but I’d like to reach 7.0. If you don’t live in Tokyo or Saitama, we can chat and talk online. Let’s enjoy and practice!

    Hiroko 🇯🇵

    Judy 🌎

    Calvin Fu   🌎
    Here is Calvin! I am a HongKonger and know Mandarin. English, a bit French. I love Japanese drama, TV show and Movie Learning Japanese and French now I love learning language so much! I wanna meet some foreign fds here Let's chat! 僕は香港人です。 日本のテレビ ドラマ, 番組とか 映画とかが大好きです マンダリンと英語🔤が分かります 日本語とフランス語を勉強してます~~ よろしく~~~

    disha 🇮🇳
    40, female, pune, india

    Zeina 🌎
    こんにちわ! ゼイナといいます。日本語できる友達を作って色んな話しをしたいです。 本を読むのは好きです。あとは、お笑いとか大好きです! アラビア語や英語はできます! 発音はネイティブ波です! よろしくお願いします。

    Lam 🌎