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If you're looking to make friends with foreigners in your city or in the country you're moving to, Please remember about us. Our greatest success is that you can meet like-minded foreign friends through our website when you are studying, travelling, traveling or moving to a new country. That is why we are constantly adding new users to our website.

Kilali Oshiro

I'm a Japanese and learning language for my future. I'm 17 years old.

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Kundan Tiwari

My name is Kundan Tiwari. I am from India. I work in a financial company as a quality analyst. I want to learn Spanish.

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Shahzad Ali

My self Shahzad Ali and I lived in Delhi I'm 20 year old and my hobby's are playing cricket and reading books that's it.

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I've been to Toronto from Sep 2017 to Feb 2020 for study abroad. And now, I'm in Japan and working. I like soccer, and drinking⚽️🍻 I wanna make friends for fun!!😁

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nagesh kapoor

My name is nagesh kapoor. I'm 25 years old and I'm a cook ,living with my family.

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Hi! Nice to meet you!😊 I’m looking for new some friends to study English!

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Simranjit kaur

I've just done 12 now I'm pursuing ielts so that's why I wanna improvies my English

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Eri Miyazato

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