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If you're looking to make friends with foreigners in your city or in the country you're moving to, Please remember about us. Our greatest success is that you can meet like-minded foreign friends through our website when you are studying, travelling, traveling or moving to a new country. That is why we are constantly adding new users to our website.

Persis Sara

I like learning new languages and meeting new people and let's chat and have fun in knowing each other

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Md shakil Ahmad

Im a teacher in school for mathematics subject. But i want to learn fond of learning languages.

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Shuma Higashi

I am here to make friends and learn English and French. I hope we can get along as we will hang out one day

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I want to make new friends.

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I'm from Japan and a native Japanese. I have been studying English to communicate with foreign people. I would like to improve my speaking & listening skills in English. Also, I really want to exchange our cultural knowledge. I can teach you Japanese in English . I hope a pleasant conversation on Skype video chat in order to improve our language skills each other. My policy is to enjoy learning.

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Hi!My name is AYA, 29 years old. I live in Japan. I'm interested in language exchange, because I like trip abroad and communicate with people in there. So I want to learn casual English conversation!

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I’m a university student I am thinking of going to Europe for working holiday But my English is not good so please help me

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Hey everyone , myself Shiva , a nature lover , and I live speaking with strangers and making friends , let's have fun together and help each other in the same time ..

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Ranveer Singh Rathore

I Am a student of B. Com Hobbies :- Make new friends Like play sports Like to explore more.

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