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Rani Rafailta purba

Halo nama saya rani saya dari indonesia saya menggunakan aplikasi ini untuk mendapatkan sahabat baik dari luar negri

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Ah Leak

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Brooke Jorgeさんからフォローされています


I have interested in English and Japanese. I have been studying Japanese for 8 years and have lived in Japan for 4 years. Now I’m studying English in Australia Brisbane. Anyway,I’m fluent in Thai and Japanese. I hope I can help someone who is interested in Thai and Japanese.

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Suhail Akhtar

I can help you with all the above languages i mentioned and i need help with spanish and russian

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Harheet singh

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Syifa Sugandi

I am indonesian and i want to have friend with another country also want to learn so that my English becomes more fluent

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Ahmed Esam

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