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    Sindid 🇧🇩
    Im trying to learn japanese but i suck help me guys

    Beatty 🇺🇸
    I am a petite woman, but with a very big heart. I am kind and sympathetic, I am very affectionate and gentle, I am romantic. I adore animals. I have hard life, but I'm an incorrigible optimist. I really like to smile, that's why I spend a lot of time with my friends on nature, we walk in the park, go to the movies, skate. I can not imagine my life without movement and favorite hobbies. I have two little weaknesses, I adore chocolate and colorful T-shirts. I hope these things will please my man and he will find them.

    Nandini 🇮🇳
    I would love to work more on my English. I can speak Hindi, Malayalam and of course, English.

    Adnan 🇩🇪

    John 🇩🇪
    I'm kind and honest.

    Wai Lin 🌎

    Olivia Brooks 🇺🇸
    My name is Olivia Brooks i'm 27 years old i want to meet new friends here

    Rakesh Kumar 🇮🇳
    I am self employed.

    Prabhath Samarasinghe日本語先生 🌎