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If you're looking to make friends with foreigners in your city or in the country you're moving to, Please remember about us. Our greatest success is that you can meet like-minded foreign friends through our website when you are studying, travelling, traveling or moving to a new country. That is why we are constantly adding new users to our website.


Lives in Japan and but grew up in Australia. I can speak both English and Japanese so would like to chat with new people!

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Nguyen Duc anh

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Shigenobu Inoue

I'm a Japanese male. I love music and books and Japanese culture. I'd like to have a cultural exchange with foreign peoples.

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Bishakh Jouti Dey

I want to learn british English.

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Charu Haqueさんからフォローされています


i wanna improve my English.that is all what i want.

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I am passionate about languages my mother language is arabic but i can speak english fluently and now i am learning german language , i am looking for a ta ndem partner to improve my english and to help me with german one, i can help with arabic and english as well dont hesitate contact me life is short any way 😁😂😂

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Hey guys, I'm Lucas. I'm fluent in English and Japanese. I spent my school life in Canada. I've lived in Los Angeles for 4 years. I can help people who want to learn Japanese or English. I do whatever I want to do, I'm keeping it real. こんにちは。アメリカカリフォルニアに住んでいる21歳です。英語、日本語どちらもネイティブです。様々な国の言語に触れていきたいなと思っています。Thank you for reading my page.

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Abdelrahman Mohammed Abbas

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Sameer Ahammed KP

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