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If you're looking to make friends with foreigners in your city or in the country you're moving to, Please remember about us. Our greatest success is that you can meet like-minded foreign friends through our website when you are studying, travelling, traveling or moving to a new country. That is why we are constantly adding new users to our website.

Eshaal Ali

A student and an activist who's working towards her goals to bring change in the world. And here to learn and explore.

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Buyan Suvan

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Eka Widiarto

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Passionate language learner. I speak French and am learning Spanish (and need a conversation partner for both). I’m based in Australia.... Would love to have someone to speak with!

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Dragon Venusさん、Khenat mohamed anisさんからフォローされています

Shion Toyama

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Владимир Мельников

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