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I love to learn languages

Last Login: 2021/11/01 20:14
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I speak English and Russian

Last Login: 2021/11/01 15:25
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Fahad Ahmed

I am graduating from software development I live in Allahabad up.

Last Login: 2021/10/30 14:37
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Language, culture and travel lover

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Hi i'm fron Bogotá i would like improve my skills comunication on englihs but u tink the better way tu secces tha's achivement IS the espontáneus meetings i you will on Bogotá and you would like nowk places in our city konw routes to ride on bike near on bogota and near sabana towns I'll glad to share my experiecees to you . if you helpme to improve my fluecy

Last Login: 2021/10/27 13:15
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Farhad Akbary

I am Farhad Akbary From Afghanistan my native Language is Persian and I am fluent in Pashto and I am very well in English as well I am an English teacher teaching to kids, and I am very interested to learn new languages and I would like practice English, Turkish, Urdu, Uzbek, Arabic, Russian, In my free time I watch lots of movies.

Last Login: 2021/10/26 06:05
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Adrianus kaumbur


Last Login: 2021/10/24 22:03
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Hi I am Sona . I am an Arabic native ,and I am practicing English . Feel free to exchange language together 🌟😊((girls only ))

Last Login: 2021/10/24 17:24
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My name is Oyundari.I'm 20 years old.

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