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    Saori 🇯🇵
    Mother of two. I wanna learn English casually.

    Misa 🇯🇵

    氏原 康博 🌎

    Wakana 🇯🇵
    Hola!Me llamo Wakana de Japón.Estuve en México y Cuba. Me encanta la cultura y la gente de America Latina. La verdad es que iba a volver a México este año pero debido a esta pandemia no pude. Ahora tengo B1 y B2 de SIELE y me gustaría desarrollar mi español. Cuando termine la pandemia, quería visitar a mis amigos en el mundo! I’m fluent in English.

    kikkawa 🇯🇵

    Sho 🇯🇵
    Hello. My name is ms and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I'm a sophomore in college and I'm about to turn 20. I want to be able to speak English mainly, so I want friends with native speakers. I have various hobbies. I am familiar with Japanese manga and anime. I mainly like games and touring. I can introduce delicious Japanese food, various tourist destinations, and culture. I can help anyone who wants to know the Japanese language and culture. If you want to know more about me, feel free to email me! I'm a man, but I welcome both men and women.