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    disha 🇮🇳
    40, female, pune, india

    AliZa Shykh 🌎

    Jherro 🌎
    Hello everyone, I am here just to practice more my comprehension and also to be fluent enough in speaking english. Btw my native language is Filipino and I really hope thatsomeone will have a good convo with me if they will try to talk with me. I will be gladful if you help me. Thank you.

    tadanobu asada 🇯🇵
    I am tad. I am 47, am married and have 3 kids. my hobby is playing golf.

    Alit 🌎
    I wanna improve my english

    @finddoctor_jp 🌎

    合田 勝志 🇯🇵
    love:sports(rugby), traveling, nature

    K 🌎

    Willy 🇯🇵
    Hi,I’m Italian and i work in Tokyo. Looking forward to meet someone to exchange language at cafe’