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Gary Micheal

Last Login: 2021/10/22 11:40
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Siddhartha Das

I am self employed but looking for better engagement and earning. My hobbies are listening to music, driving watching TV and spending time in nature.

Last Login: 2021/10/22 05:58
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Abright star doesn't fall ;)

Last Login: 2021/10/21 18:59
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Fajar Anuriさんからフォローされています

Slava Khoury

I’m from Syria so my native language is Arabic. I’d like to get in touch with a native Japanese person so maybe we can exchange info about both our languages.

Last Login: 2021/10/20 12:53
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Hey i am here to practice german

Last Login: 2021/10/20 00:25
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Name:Galnyam Age:19 Sex:Male Nation:Mongolia

Last Login: 2021/10/18 14:55
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I am the creator of this website. I'm Japanese and like programming and foreign cultures. Let's interact, Twitter is here. @ryosuke_1997 このサイトを作りました。英語と外国文化が好きです、交流しましょう!!

Last Login: 2021/10/13 11:46
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Nirmal Bhandariさん、Anu thapa magarさん、eishaさん、めいさん他5名からフォローされています

Yanish Sunassee

Last Login: 2021/10/13 10:38
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Hi, my mother tongue is Italian and Mauritian Creole, I'm fluent in English and French, intermediate Spanish and beginner Deutsche and Chinese

Last Login: 2021/10/11 17:44
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