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Hello ,down there.I’m radwa ,Nubian

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Hello there, I'm a 22 years old Tunisian girl, I'm an Arabic, French and English speaker.

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Im teenegar, watch football fan of the liverpool. I will studying id but english level low. I want friend

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i feel like language helps break barriers and connects human beings on a deeper level of mutual and for that i’m so down and excited to learn many other languages! currently focusing on spanish :)

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Susan Hanson

business professional who loves traveling the world and meeting new people from all cultures and backgrounds. I'm fortunate to be able to travel international from various work projects but also enjoy taking international trips for purely vacation and fun. At my core, I'm sweet, genuine, funny and intelligent. I'll go out of my way to build lifelong friendships with those I meet around the world. I'm still searching for the one soul that I have a true connection with so we can travel the world and appreciate new cultures together. There is so much about myself that I've been waiting to share with someone special and hope one day, somewhere across this world that I finally meet my soulmate so I can shower him with love.

Last Login: 2021/09/08 16:37
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david deborah

am a young single man searching for friends worldwide.

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i want to learn korea

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I am jean fun to be with , super ,

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