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My name is tania islam.i want to learn English. I need speaking partner from abroad. Anyone native speaker in English will be highly appreciable. In exchange i will teach you Bangla language

Last Login: 2021/09/25 05:42
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Hi everyone I’m looking forward to language partner just to practice I speak good English and Russian little bit Italian and I would like to know people around the world life so short and world is so big so I’m easy going person open mind mentally accept everyone and respect human-been .

Last Login: 2021/09/24 19:55
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би англи хэл сурна

Last Login: 2021/09/24 04:55
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Salma Zaka

Hey! I am Salma. I am 19 years old. I am that quiet kid in the corner of the class but when you get to know them you get super comfortable. I am currently learning German language so I am looking for a language partner. I hope I can learn a lot from you.

Last Login: 2021/09/23 20:14
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Last Login: 2021/09/23 15:57
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I am B-tech student . I want to improve my English communication.

Last Login: 2021/09/22 18:09
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Hi I’m from Mongolia. I’m student. I want a teach english friend and I can teach Mongolian language.🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳

Last Login: 2021/09/22 18:05
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Rafah Ahamedさんからフォローされています


im a high school student who wants to learn english

Last Login: 2021/09/22 10:34
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Yassin mohamed Ali

I speak Spanish, Arabic, english and I want to practice German

Last Login: 2021/09/21 17:16
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