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    Rina 🇯🇵
    Welcome to Japan!! Hello everyone! :) I like English and improve my English skills especially speaking and listening more. Nice to meet you <3

    Ali Jan 🌎
    Student of Pharm-D. Martial Artist, Sagittarius,

    Elisha Labasan 🌎

    Jake 🌎
    Hey guys, i'm a huge language nerd who's just started learning Mandarin. I speak Russian and English fluently, and the funny thing is that i kind of know English better in terms of grammar. What i believe in is that language is a tool and the main goal in learning a foreign language is to be able to communicate and share experience. So this is why i am here. To talk. Listen. And share experience.

    Lily 🌎
    Nice to meet friends here^^

    Akimasa Takashima 🇯🇵
    Every little thing is going to be okay

    Soulaymane 🌎
    I speak Arabic and French now i am learning english and i would like to find an english speaking partner.I like movies, series .and i like traveling and tripping beside to meet new friends, making good relationships

    Olha 🌎
    Hello everyone, my name is Olha, I'm from Ukraine. I've been learning British English for many years and would be happy to practice it with a native speaker. I can help you with Ukrainian or Russian in exchange. I love reading, cooking, languages, beautiful views, and chocolate :)

    Sandy Sandy 🌎