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David Haden

I am 50 years old I live in Birmingham,United Kingdom and I am learning Spanish

Last Login: 2021/07/28 18:09
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19 years old, Brazil, digital artists, music producer. I like to play games like Terraria and League Of Legends, but I'm also into RPG's like Dungeons and Dragons. A little bit of an ambivert, I can be shy but I'll eventually warm up.

Last Login: 2021/07/28 02:43
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No mucho que decir de mi, soy una persona que desempeña en varios ámbitos, de los cuales uno en particular resulta ser el idioma japonés, solo en base a la curiosidad por su cultura y desarrollo a lo largo de los tiempos... En pocas palabras, un humanista, quizás...

Last Login: 2021/07/27 04:29
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Abdelrahman Buddah

Last Login: 2021/07/26 20:03
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international law student, learning Italian to add to my cv and to facilitate my life in Italy.

Last Login: 2021/07/26 13:29
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William Krishina

Welcome to my profile. My name is William Krishina and I'm from Nepal. I do hope to make so many friend because it's better if I have so many friends. I'm a software developer and because of my job I'm good in English. Please feel free to touch me anytime and then let's build good relationship with me! Anyone from anywhere will be my friends. Thank you for your attention! Cheers!

Last Login: 2021/07/26 09:12
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I am a good boy

Last Login: 2021/07/25 16:20
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I want to learn Eng

Last Login: 2021/07/25 03:49
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Dalia Zaben

Last Login: 2021/07/24 19:44
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